Media Master Class: The Revenue Accelerator PART THREE....Coming soon

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  1. Confession: I say “Hey everyone!” and “We can’t wait for you to join us!” After watching this video, I’ll never say these things again. You have been so helpful and I’m excited to apply the rundown on my next video.

    Thank you for delivering great content!

  2. Hank, Awesome teaching! Thank you! You nailed how I feel…inadequate. You’re exactly right though…it’s not about being polished, it’s about being real. Off I go to be the real me!

    • hey Joan, Yea, as you can see – i shot this on my phone, i just set it up on a gorilla pod and that was that!
      does it look as good as it could. no
      did i just #pressrecord and then post. yup!
      can’t wait to see the real you!

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